5 Things to Consider before Getting a Puppy

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5 Things to Consider before Getting a Puppy

Are you thinking about getting a puppy? Before you jump into puppy parenthood, there are some things to consider to make sure it's a peaceful transition.

5 Questions to Ask before Getting a Puppy

Getting a new puppy is a lifelong commitment, and you need to be sure you are ready for all that involves.

1. What do you need or want in a puppy?

You will need to research breeds before getting your puppy, and not all breeds suit all lifestyles. Before you get a puppy, ask yourself:

  • Do you live in an apartment or have a yard?
  • How much exercise are you willing to do?
  • What are common health issues?
  • What are the grooming needs?
  • Get a pup from a breeder or rescue?

2. How much time do you have to spend on the puppy?

Having a pet takes up a lot of your time, especially a puppy, because they need to be trained and socialised. But even once you have trained and socialised your puppy, you still need to be able to spend time with them, exercise them and keep them happy and healthy.

3. Have you considered the costs?

Puppies come with regular costs, including food, treats, toys, grooming and other fun things. They also need yearly vaccinations and health check-ups as well as flea, tick and worming treatment.

Unexpected costs can also pop up which you can budget for by putting some savings away. You could also consider pet insurance but make sure to research what is covered.

4. What about your household?

Unless you live alone and own your own home, you need to make sure everyone in your house is on board with the puppy. Understanding how a puppy impacts your home and how changes to the household affect your puppy will make for a happier life.

5. Does your lifestyle suit a puppy?

What sort of lifestyle do you have? If you are travelling all the time or working all the time, you may not be in the best place to get a puppy right now. If you are home a lot now, will this change in the future? Make sure to consider how this change will impact your puppy.

Puppies bring much joy and happiness but are also a lifetime responsibility.

If you are ready to take the time, do the research and make the changes, then you are prepared for a puppy. Now it's time to remember the benefits that welcoming a new puppy into your home will bring!

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