Our Story

At Yours Droolly® we understand the deep bonds people share with their dogs. That’s why we are always creating new ways to enhance their limitless ability to love us.

Sure, life’s better with a pet. But let’s face it, life’s doubly better with a dog!

Call it biased, but to us, dogs are better than humans.

Less judgemental, more forgiving. More loyal and much more fun.

As our name suggests, we sincerely love all aspects of cute canines – from the wag and pant, to the jumps and drools.

It’s this passion and experience that enables us to seek out the best snacks, treats, accessories and specialty dog products from all over the world to ensure dogs get the best possible care and our customers get the greatest of times.

Our view is from a dog’s perspective – we see things from four legs, not two.

Everything we do is a promise that we’ve done our best.

That’s why we sign, with sincerity – Yours Droolly.