Keeping your Dog Entertained while Away

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Keeping your Dog Entertained while Away

As pet parents, one of our biggest concerns is how our pups handle life at home alone when we head to the office. To help lower your stress and anxiety (as well as theirs!), we’ve got a few ways to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work.

3 ways to keep your dog busy while you’re at work

Treat and food toys

These could be treat puzzles or treat stuffed toys from the pet store, or you can make them at home from things you’re likely to toss in the recycling bin. For instance, throw some treats or kibble in a plastic bottle and give it to your pup before you leave. These DIY toys will engage their brains as they work to get the treats out of the bottle.

Create a safe play space

You can do this by confining them to an area where you keep all their toys, treats, beds and water. Suppose your pup prefers to spend its day outside. In that case, you can consider putting extra fencing up to make sure they don’t escape, or limit the area accessible by them.

Making a select area of your home your dog’s den when you’re out will allow you to make sure it’s a safe and fun place for them, so it’ll limit their anxiety when you’re not there.

If they know the area to be fun when you’re home, it will be still be connected to that fun feeling when you’re not.

Crate train them

A great way to help prevent anxiety in your dog when you’re not there is to crate train them. You can crate train your dog when they’re a puppy or even when they’re older. There are many benefits to crate training your dog, including , and helping soothe them with familiar objects and smells.

To properly crate train your pup to avoid any stress or anxiety, you need to do it gradually. It’s probably best to introduce them to the crate when you’re home, then encourage them to use it for one or two hours you’re out working.

The most important part of keeping dogs busy while at work is choosing options that minimise the stress and anxiety they may feel while being left alone.

You want your dog to be just as happy home alone as they are when you’re home...
Okay, maybe a little happier when you’re home!

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