Holiday Pet Care for your Dog

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Holiday Pet Care for your Dog

The one thing I miss about life before my dog is the ability to go on holidays without having to organise holiday pet care. But with several options available, there's the opportunity to create a holiday home for pets which makes going on holidays that little bit easier for me.

House-sitters coming to you

Why not kill two birds with one stone and hire a house sitter to look after your home and your dog at the same time.

  • You don’t need to travel, and your dog is in comfortable surroundings.
  • The added benefit of your home being looked after.
  • House needs to be clean for visitors (not my biggest strength).
  • Putting trust into someone to be in your space and with your dog.

I’ve only done with a trusted friend staying at my place for a few days to look after my dog, which minimised the cons.

Relying on family or friends

Check if any of your friends or family are ready and willing to take on your pup and look after them whilst you’re away.

  • You can always contact them for updates, and they are someone you trust.
  • If you do this regularly, it can become a fun holiday home for your pet.
  • The new environment and routine could cause behavioural problems.
  • Your dog may not get along with a person or animal in the home.

I do this most of the time, and I drive my dog up to my mums (4 hours away) because he loves her yard, the beach, and just being at her house.

Book a boarding facility

Boarding facilities these days can be quite fancy. They can resemble a human hotel, but make sure to do due diligence on any facility before booking.

  • Socialisation with other dogs
  • You may be able to request regular photos and updates.
  • Costs vary but can be high depending on your preferences.
  • There could be issues with other animals at the facility.

I’ve done this once when it was a family holiday so my usual sitter, my mum, was on the trip also.

Use a pet sitter

Pet sitters will look after your dog at their home, stay with them at your home or just offer you the service of checking in regularly to exercise and feed your pup.

  • Can be cheaper than a house sitter or boarding facility.
  • They offer flexibility in how they look after your pup.
  • They get busy quickly during peak holiday periods.
  • There are the same issues of being in a new space or around new people or pets.

There are multiple platforms you can use to find qualified and usually pre-vetted pet sitters. You should still do your research and meet them before leaving your dog in their care.

It’s often hard to leave my dog, which is why I always make sure only to leave him when I have to, with people I trust or after doing my due diligence.

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