What Puppy Dog Eyes from my Dog Mean

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What Puppy Dog Eyes from my Dog Mean

3 Things that my Dog Says with Puppy Dog Eyes

We've all fallen victim to them, that look where your puppy moves their eyebrows up and inward to make their eyes seem larger and create puppy dog eyes. This look has been proven to be unique to dogs as a way of communicating with humans.

But what are they trying to say? Well, as a pet parent, I find that there's three main reasons that cause the puppy dog eyes to come out.

1. Give me attention

I might just be watching Netflix on the couch, working at my desk or talking to friends, but if my dog is around, he will pull the puppy dog eyes out to ask for attention. It's his way of saying he wants to play, he wants pats or just wants to curl up next to me on the couch.

This look will inevitably cause me to get up and have a play with my pup or just let him get comfy next to me whilst I shower him with pats or scratches. It always helps build our bond.

2. Don’t do this to me

Whether it's bath time, me leaving him home alone or going to the vet, the puppy dog eyes that come with actions or events my pup doesn't like are the worst. These situations break my heart because he's letting me know that he doesn't like whatever is happening even though they're usually situations that will inevitably benefit him.

Despite knowing that going out, having a bath or visiting the vet isn't hurting my pup, I still feel immense guilt when he gives me the sad puppy dog eyes.

3. Please share

I am sure all puppy parents can relate to this look. When you're enjoying a delicious meal or even just having a drink, the puppy dog eyes come out asking you to share. Even when he has his dinner in his bowl untouched, or I give him a treat, he will come seeking what I have and throw me that undeniable look.

This situation is usually the most successful puppy dog eyes.

I’m always a sucker for the begging for food puppy dog eyes, even though I know I shouldn’t.

These are just a few of the typical situations that I have seen my dog pull out the puppy dog eyes. I am sure there are plenty more that you see with your own pooches!

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