Poo Happens. Dog Poo That Is

Jodie Humphries - Dog Lover

Poo Happens. Dog Poo That Is

The dirtiest part of dog ownership is picking up dog poo, especially when you're out at a park.

As dog owners, we must pick up after our pets no matter where we are or how the poo looks.

Getting over the Poo Fear

The first thing you need to do when you become a dog parent is, get over the ick factor you might have about picking up dog poo.

Use the Right Tools

If you're struggling with the poo problem, the best advice I can offer is to always have plenty of poo bags, in my handbag, attached to every leash, everywhere. I use the bag as a glove to pick up the poo that way, my hands are covered.

For picking up poo in the backyard, you can get yourself a pooper scooper to help avoid the ick.

Each council is different so your local council will answer the question “can dog poo go in the green bin”. There are also dog poo composters you can get to use the poo to feed your garden.

Toilet Training

Ensuring your pup is fully toilet trained will help you avoid any concerns over finding dog poo in your home. Depending on your circumstances, you'll need to teach your pup to let you know when they need to go out to poo in the yard, or for you to take them on a walk.

If you're like me and live in an apartment with a small balcony, you'll either need to train your pup to tell you when they need to go out or use an indoor pup potty. I have an indoor potty, but my dog often just goes when I take him on walks.

What to do if the poo 'changes'?

You'll often grow to pay attention to your pup's poo and notice when it changes. Whether the change is in colour, consistency or shape. There is bound to be a time when your dog's poo isn't so easy to clean up, and you'll wonder how to pick up sloppy dog poo?

My dog had diarrhea once, I had pee pads plastered all over my house to help protect my floors. When we went on a walk, I carried a packet of tissues to help with the cleanup. I would use the tissues to help pick up the liquid poop then put them in the poo bag, it was an interesting time.

Everybody and every pup poos, and as a dog owner, you just need to suck it up and pick it up.

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