Introducing a New Dog to Your Pack

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Introducing a New Dog to Your Pack

Just like humans, dogs have unique personalities and suppose you are considering bringing a new dog into your home. You will need to make sure you introduce them with minimal issues.

An easy process to introduce a new dog to your pack.

Before even considering the idea, think about if your dog has ever socialised with other dogs or has had issues. If they have had problems, it may be best to reconsider.

Start on a Weekend

Do the introduction on a weekend when you can spend a few days home with them, you will want to monitor them until you feel comfortable they get along.

Bring the New Dog into your House Alone

Get someone to take your dog on a walk or to the park when you first bring the new dog home. This will give the new dog time to sniff out and get used to the new surroundings.

Meet on Neutral Turf

Always have the first meeting on neutral territory even if you have never seen your dog be territorial before, it’s just better to be safe. Make sure to make this first meeting fun and playful, plus bring plenty of treats.

Head Home Together

Head back home together and try not to let one dog lead the other. Once you are home, you will want to make sure you keep a close eye on them as they get used to each other being in the same space.

Beware of Territorial Connections to Things

You can either pack away all your dogs toys, treats, food and beds or make sure there is ample amount for both dogs to avoid fights over them. When feeding them for the first few times, you may want to do that in separate rooms as well.

Distract don’t Punish

There is going to be disagreements, and when they arise, you will want to distract each dog with a toy or treat rather than using punishment.

If you punish them, they will then associate the discipline with the other dog.

Reward but avoid Favouritism

As you work towards getting used to the new arrangements, especially settling in a new dog, remember to reward good behaviour. But beware of favouritism as this will cause jealousy issues.

You just need to remember to have patience, dogs all learn at their own pace and love routine, so need time to adjust.

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