How to Make my Dog Famous

How to Make my Dog Famous

Your dog is the cutest ever! You love and adore them, but how do you attract and capture the world’s attention and make them the next social media star?
To find out what it takes, we spoke to Nigella the Pug’s mum, on how Nigella engages her social followers and ended up being interviewed multiple times on national television.

Heath & Wellbeing

Nigella’s wellbeing is of upmost importance. Feeding her the healthy, balanced and nutritious food, limiting her treats to ‘sometimes’, brushing and conditioning her coat and boosting her natural gloss and shine with supplement’s ensures she is always photo ready.

They Have to Enjoy It

Unlike Nigella’s pug brother and sister, Nigella loves the spotlight, attention and the camera. When the camera is pointed at her she knows what’s happening, she poses and in contrast to her usual stubborn self, she does whatever you ask to get the best shot.

If your pet’s personality is more introvert than extrovert like Nigella both you and them are unlikely to be having fun and it shows in the images you will capture.

Embrace their Unique Personality

Never force your pet to do anything they don’t want to. Nigella is little miss bossy, she likes to lord it over her pug siblings and she likes to try and control everything and everyone.

She demands attention in the way she wants it.

The images we therefore take embody this and the captions and hashtags we use embrace her stubborn personality traits.

Meet your Fans & Followers

I will never forget the first time a fan of Nigella’s burst into tears when they finally got to meet her in person, the connection and love they had for her was overwhelming. We hear many stories of how her followers would love to have a pet of their own, but their circumstances don’t allow it and following Nigella helps with that loss.

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