How To Keep Your Dog Entertained While at Work

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained While at Work

Leaving our dog at home alone can be upsetting, but someone needs to work to keep them in their lavish lifestyle of treats, toys and love. So what can you do when leaving your dog at home all day? How do you keep your dog occupied and avoid a house of destruction?

5 tips to keep your puppy busy while at work

These simple tips can help direct your pup’s attentions, and allow them to be occupied and entertained while you’re out.

  1. Most important is exercise or socialise

  2. Take your pup for a walk before you leave for the day or maybe get a dog walker to come and take them out. This exercise is not only healthy for the pup (and you) but if they also get to see other dogs, it’s excellent socialisation as well. The walk will tire your dog out too and they’ll likely sleep for more of the day.
  3. Create an in-house scavenger hunt

  4. One great way to keep your pup entertained while you’re at work is to hide treats around the house under blankets, behind cushions or in their dog bed. It triggers your pup’s instinct to search, which will engage their brains. Be sure to limit the number of treats you give, or take from their daily ration to prevent an oversupply of calories.
  5. Make use of enrichment and time-consuming toys

  6. There are a lot of treat-dispensing or enrichment toys available that will not only help keep your dog occupied while you’re at work but also engage their brain. They are also great to use when you’re home and need to occupy your pup.
  7. Leave the TV or radio on for the illusion of company

  8. Most pet parents worry about their dog feeling lonely when they leave them home alone. There is something that can help. Put some music on, leave the radio or TV on or maybe a podcast you can even use Spotify Pets which are pet-specific playlists or DOGTV on YouTube.
  9. Sufficient sleeping options

  10. Your dog may be one that spends most of the day napping, so what they need most is to have sufficient beds or blankets or mats where they can curl up and snooze, to dream about their next adventure with you.
All in all, you want to look for simple solutions to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work that they enjoy and engages their mind.

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