Dog Nail Clippers

With super-sharp, stainless steel cutting edges to ensure a clean cut without crushing the nail and non-slip handles with a safety guard and lock, these nail clippers are a quick and easy way to ensure your dogs paws are keep healthy.

How to use?

  1. Hold paw firmly while trimming.
    Cut through the nail with a single stroke.
  2. Make sure to avoid cutting the nail blood vessel (the quick). For animals with darker nails, the quick is more visible from the underside of the nail.
  3. Applying baby oil to nails prior to cutting will make it easier to see the quick.
  4. If the nails are long, cut off a small amount first.
  5. Repeat the process 10 days later, and so on, until the nails are the correct length.
  6. Do not cut off too much at one time. Trim monthly thereafter.
    To reduce how often you need to trim nails exercise dogs regularly on hard surfaces, e.g. concrete or road.